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Here, you can download the Scratch to SWF converter. This contains the tool (a Flash file) as well as an HTML file that can be used to launch it in a browser. Source code is also available for both the converter and the project loader, although the included build script only works on macOS at this time.
Download Converter and Source Code

Version History

Previous versions are not available online, but if you want one for any reason, message me.

Converter v3.8 (Scratch v448)

• Added an option to hide the mouse cursor
• When the green flag bar is hidden, the edges are now black and the Stage is centered
• Modernized converter UI
• Added warnings when entering invalid width or height or saving without a ".swf" extension
• Improved converter and projector code structure, names, and comments
• Improved the offline converter embed HTML file

Converter v3.7 (Scratch v448)

• Hide default context menu items in converted SWF
• Update Flex SDK link in build script dialog
• Build script automatically uses Apple JDK 1.6 if present to workaround error about 32-bit JVM

Converter v3.6.2 (Scratch v448)

• Build script patch for what seems to be a weird bug in the Flex compiler related to binary data...?
• David Feng has kindly translated this version of the converter and the build script to Chinese! I have uploaded a copy you can download here. If you would like to contact him, his email address is fengshuo2004 at 163 dot com.

Converter v3.6.1 (Scratch v448)

• Fixed a major issue with the build script and converter in which the SWF parts might not be generated and combined in the correct order depending on the internal resource structure of the projector SWF generated by the Flex compiler
• Korean translation provided by Simzol available on his site. Thank you!

Converter v3.6 (Scratch v447)

• Fixed a bizarre bug with the builder script where the SWF part files were not deleted properly
• Fixed occasionally visible Scratch editor UI elements in green flag hidden mode
• Simplified and improved so that future Scratch releases will be less likely to break it again
• Changed extension of SWF parts from TXT to BIN to better represent binary data type
• Changed names of SWF parts to use numbers instead of letters
• Many thanks to @poisonharry for pointing out the UI elements glitch

Converter v3.5.1 (Scratch v442)

• Combined source and binaries downloads
• Builder script now generates distribution ZIP file automatically
• Modified HTML wrapper
• First version on new website

Converter v3.5 (Scratch v442)

•Restructured converter source
• Workaround for SWF saving bug in Chrome
• Simplified builder script
• Changed builder script format from SCPT to APPLESCRIPT

Converter v3.4.2 (Scratch v441)

• Build for latest Scratch release

Converter v3.4.2 (Scratch v440.1)

• Removed 1px white bar on left side of converted projects
• Fixed briefly visible player UI elements in Green Flag hidden mode

Converter v3.4.1 (Scratch v440)

• Fixed a bug that prevented saving the SWF
• Simplified the converter UI slightly
• Removed Project.sb2 and SWF parts from source code ZIP

Converter v3.4 (Scratch v440)

• Simplified builder script
• Fixed white bars on edges
• Slightly changed converter upload and save UI
• Simplified

Converter v3.3 (Scratch v439.1)

• Build for latest Scratch release

Converter v3.3 (Scratch v438)

• Simplified builder script

Converter v3.2 (Scratch v437)

• Modified for easy recompilation with new Scratch versions
• Wrote builder AppleScript
• Fixed typos in comments

Converter v3.1 (Scratch v423)

• Fixed bug with height and width RECT generation

Converter v3.0 (Scratch v423)

• Complete rewrite
• Cross-platform
• Written in ActionScript 3 instead of AppleScript
• First version to use SB2Loader instead of direct modifications to Scratch source code

Converter v2.0 - v2.3 (Scratch v423)

•Various slight improvements and bug fixes
• Converter mostly rewritten

Converter v1 (Scratch v423)

• AppleScript based
• Only runs on Mac
• Requires a copy of the Flex SDK
• Uses modified Scratch source code