Uptime Script for BitBar

Download This is just a little menu bar widget for BitBar which tracks your computer's current uptime. It saves your best time in a file.


If you already have BitBar, simply download the script, unzip it, and place it in your plugins folder. If you don't, no problem. Just follow these simple steps. 1. Get the latest BitBar version from https://github.com/matryer/bitbar/releases. You will be taken to a GitHub page where you can download it by clicking on the latest "BitBar-vX.X.X.zip" link. 2. Navigate to your Downloads folder and unzip the downloaded app by double-clicking it. You should end up with "BitBar.app". 3. Move the app to your Applications folder or wherever else you want to keep it. 4. Open BitBar and allow it to run if you are asked. You will be prompted to choose a plugins folder. Choose a folder in an out-of-the-way place that you won't be moving anytime soon. 5. Download the uptime script, unzip it, and put it into the plugins folder you just chose. You should now see the app running in your menu bar! If you don't, try logging out and back in again, or rebooting. 6. You're done. Or maybe not. If it's still not working, breaks mysteriously, or makes your computer catch on fire, contact me. I might be able to help.