Maze Extended

A complete re-implementation of my rather popular Scratch game, Maze. Experience the same puzzle, but with more sophisticated graphics (including scrolling!) slightly less boring music, and waaay more detailed instructions. Oh, and also, a 3x larger map! Hence the "extended" part. If you liked the first one but found that it ended a bit too soon, you'll enjoy Maze Extended. It's also the first publicly available preview of my new platformer engine, written in Processing 3 (a Java-based language and IDE). It's not thorougly tested, so expect some glitches (which, with your feedback, are going to be fixed), though it should be perfectly playable. Download a copy for your platform and try it out! Then, tell me what you think. Download (macOS, 64bit) (14 MB) Download (macOS, 64bit, Includes Java) (71 MB) Download (Windows, 32bit) (16 MB) Download (Windows, 32bit, Includes Java) (76 MB) Download (Windows, 64bit) (17 MB) Download (Windows, 64bit, Includes Java) (79 MB) Since it's made in Processing, Maze Extended requires Java to run properly. The downloads that have a Java runtime included are much more likely to work, but also much larger. I recommend that you download these unless you have very slow internet, or you're certain that you have the latest version of Java. Thanks to my dad and my friend Aodan for compiling and testing the Windows downloads on Windows 7 and Windows 10. The Mac version has been tested on Sierra, but should work on any 64-bit Mac. Please tell me if the game doesn't work on your computer.