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Here's a list of all the pages that are currently available on this website! Not all of them may be finished or entirely functional. Especially as you scroll farther down this page, be warned that many of these projects are incomplete or poorly documented. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Scratch to SWF Converter This project lets you convert a Scratch project to an Adobe Flash file, allowing you to share things made with what is otherwise a pretty limiting language. It automatically packages the project inside a copy of the official Scratch interpreter, running it exactly as Scratch would, but without showing any of the scripts or requiring you to install anything. Uptime BitBar Script Just a little menu bar plugin for BitBar. It lets you see your Mac's current uptime and automatically saves and displays your "highscore". It is simple and reliable, although a bit of a pain to install if you don't have BitBar. Maze Extended A complete re-implementation of my popular Scratch game, Maze. Experience the same puzzle, but with more sophisticated graphics, slightly less boring music, and an extended map! If you liked the first one but found it a bit easy, you'll enjoy Maze Extended. Uses a platformer engine that I wrote in Processing. Boxheads Level Editor A simple level editor for the Flash game Boxheads 2 Play by Sean Cooper. It lets you make your own maps and then save a modified copy of the Flash file where you can play them as if they are part of the game... because they are! You can also save and re-import the level design for later use. JavaScript Cards Against Humanity A JavaScript/HTML implementation of Cards Against Humanity, a card game that is like Apples to Apples, but for terrible people. Currently only supports playing on one computer, but local multiplayer is on its way. Warning: some cards are very offensive and/or not suitable for young children anybody.