Troubleshooting and Known Issues

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If you are having problems with the converter, please read the following list of common issues and known problems. If you still can't figure it out, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help!

The Converter Requires Flash

Adobe Flash is required to use both the online and downloaded versions of the converter. It is also required to run the converted projects. Many browsers today block Flash by default, so you may need to allow it for this website specifically. Also, since Flash is gradually being phased out, you may also want to convert your SWF files to applications for easier sharing.

Cannot Convert SB3 Files

Scratch has been completely rewritten in the latest version. Scratch 3 files are totally incompatible with Scratch 2, and therefore with this converter. Try out my Scratch 3 converter!

SWF File Extension Needed

Like any other file type, a SWF needs to be named correctly for your computer to know how to open it. Make sure you save the output file ending in ".swf" or it may not open properly.

Can't Save in Incognito Mode

In Google Chrome, Flash silently fails to save files if you're in incognito mode. (Specifically, the AS3 function fires a COMPLETE event but does not write the file.) Use the converter in a regular window or a different browser.

Forced 4:3 Aspect Ratio

Scratch is designed with dimensions of 480x360 pixels. Converted projects must be in the same 4:3 ratio, or black bars will appear on either side of the window. This cannot easily be changed without using a custom version of Scratch. (By request, I have previously built a converter based on hacknscratch, which is in a 16:9 ratio. Contact me if you are interested.)

Security Restrictions in Flash Player 23

There are additional security restrictions in Flash Player 23 and onwards. More details are available in the release notes, but they essentially prevent locally saved SWF files from being able to use some Loader functions that Scratch needs. (Specifically, they disable local-with-filesystem privileges.) This is impossible for me to bypass. However, this restriction does not apply to SWFs that are embedded on a website, converted to an application, or run in a standalone Flash Player.