Boxheads Editor

Download Download Source Code Open in Browser This is a simple program for editing the Flash game Boxheads 2 Play by Sean Cooper. It allows you to design a custom map and then play it. Using a simple graphical user interface, you can place any objects that exist in the real game. Then, click "Save SWF" to export a copy of Boxheads with the "Boxy" map replaced by your custom one. You can also save your map as a simple binary file containing the data. You can import this file again to continue editing the map. When you make your map, be sure that it has many player, zombie, and devil spawn points. Otherwise, players and/or enemies might not always spawn. Possibly due to a bug in Google Chrome, the editor can't save files when browsing in incognito mode. Please use a normal window or a different browser. If you know of a solution to this problem, please contact me.