Hi! I'm Will. Welcome to my website! I'm just a boring American student trying to make good use of his amazing 2010 MacBook (her name is Zoe). Perhaps you want to click a link below?

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Have an amazing day, and don't lose the game!


Some of my accomplishments, projects, and interests include:
• The fairly popular Scratch to SWF converter
Contributions to dosdude1's macOS Mojave patching effort
• A variety of semi-useful scripts and tools to work around obscure problems
• Collecting uncommon abandonware and betas, especially Apple related
• A couple half-finished ActionScript 3 projects that might eventually turn into games...

I've also totally revamped this site, with prettier CSS, new layout, new pages, and Google's free fonts. Yay!


for i in {0..7}
	echo "Isn't it?"
echo "Delicate"