Hi! I'm Will, otherwise known as junebeetle! Welcome to my small and mediocre website. You're probably looking for my Scratch to SWF converter. Here it is. As of December 2016, I've added quite a few new pages, and they no longer all fit in the top menu, so I've had to move them around a bit. Check out the list of other pages to see all of the new stuff, as well as everything that used to be on the top menu. I'm still playing with the layout, and I plan to continue to add some more pages, mostly about my interests in: - Advanced Scratch topics - Web design and coding - My rather overly massive operating system collection - Mac OS X macOS (and how it's way better than Windows) - Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3, and Flash games I also have a lot of semi-completed projects that I hope to finish up in the near future. Expect old Mac OS installation tutorials, barely-functional Flash games, and some Hackintosh related posts, as well as whatever other random stuff I come across on my hard drive and decide to upload. Thanks for visiting! Have an awesome day, and don't lose the game!